{personal} A Weekend in the Country

Last weekend I traveled up to San Francisco, Napa & the countryside outside of Fresno for a fun filled weekend!  It was a whirlwind trip, but it was nice to get out of the city, drink some wine, eat some good food, hang out with good friends, enjoy some fresh air and relax in the “country” (literally on a farm)!

{top: foggy morning over the GG Bridge | morning breakfast at the Model Bakery in Napa | drinking bubbly at Mumm Napa}
{middle: awesome quote | my favorite: Cakebread Cellars | enjoying the scenery at Joseph Phelps}
{bottom: dinner in Yountville at ad hoc (french laundry is closed for construction… sad) | hanging out with my bf on shaver lake | i’m on a boat!}
via my iPhone & Instagram ~ follow me @preppychic

{Friday Favorites} Friends, Weddings & Fun

Happy Friday the 13th! The last week has been jam packed with fun events… here is a snip-bit of my life through the eyes of my iPhone & Instagram (follow me @preppychic):

abigaile hermosa beach, hollywood bowl, apl.de.ap, tiato wedding, crosscampus santa monica, elon musk, pandomonthly

{dinner at Abigaile in hermosa beach | surprise 30th birthday for my best friend at the Deck in Laguna Beach | wedding at Tiato | late night snacks at the wedding | picnic at the Hollywood Bowl | Hollywood Bowl outfit | BEP & Filipino night at the Hollywood Bowl | fun outfit for a tech event | PandoMonthly event at Cross Campus with Elon Musk}