Making Things Happen

As I reach the home stretch on my new website I’ve began to think a lot more about BRANDING.  In business school I took marketing classes, where I learned all the 4 P’s and 4 C’s (I think that’s what they were) of marketing; however, what I didn’t focus on was branding.

In a creative world (like the wedding business), so much of what we do is based on first impressions through our website, blog, and social media (like Facebook or Twitter).  No matter how organized, professional, creative or smart we are, it’s hard to differentiate ourselves in the tech savvy online world of brides.  How are you supposed to market to your ideal clients if you don’t even know what your company “image” is or if your branding doesn’t reflect that?

A couple of things I’ve learned along the way are to always keep learning from others by asking for help and to start branding your business from the beginning.

I always “thought” I knew a lot about business and entrepreneurship, but I realized there is always room to learn more.  Last year during the first few months of launching Preppy Chic Events, I signed up for business consulting with Leila from Be Inspired PR who is AMAZING and the best in her field of wedding PR and business consulting.  Those sessions helped me get on the right track from the very beginning.  While I learned so much from where to go in my business from an operations standpoint, what I really need now is to figure out my marketing & branding.

This is where “Making Things Happen” comes along.  I heard about this incredible opportunity last year when I attended engage!11 and met Lara Casey (the EIC of Southern Weddings).  I am so excited that she’s bringing “Making Things Happen” to Los Angeles (among other places, see below) this year!  If these “Five Ways to Make Things Happen” can inspire me to do and be better, then I can’t even imagine what a full day would be like!

If anyone is looking to bring their business to a new level, this is something you shouldn’t miss!  I applied for the scholarship as starting a new company is expensive, but I really want to attend so that I can help bring my company to the next level and make it the best that it can be!  Wish me luck!

{all images from Making Things Happen}