{Friday Favorites} July 22, 2011

Time sure flies when you’re busy (& when the sun is out and the weather is 80 degrees by the beach)!  It makes working inside on a computer really difficult.

However, one of the highlights of sitting in front of my computer was I received an invite for one of the hot new summer apps: Spotify.  I decided to try it out since I love anything music related.  It’s pretty unique and interesting, but not sure how I feel about it yet as I’m still partial to Grooveshark and Pandora.  The Pandora playlists “Summer Hits of 1990s” and “Summer Hits of 2000s” have pretty much kept me going this summer.  If you want an invite to Spotify you can get one HERE.

Some of fun stories from this week….

  1. Ryan Secrest & Bravo are producing a new TV reality series called the “Shahs of Sunset.” It series the life of wealthy young Persian-Americans in Los Angeles (Deadline Hollywood).  I find this amusing since I went to UCLA and know quite a few wealthy Persian-Americans in Beverly Hills.
  2. Speaking of the rich, the top city for Millionaire growth this year is Houston, beating #2 LA & #3 NYC per the Wall Street Journal.
  3. Dylan Lauren’s wedding photos in Vogue are finally revealed.  Dylan is the daughter of Ralph Lauren and founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar.  She married a hedge fund manager in June and looked stunning!  Check out the article on Daily Mail.  For more photos, check out wedding photographer James Christianson.
  4. A great article on the HBR called “To Monetize Social Media, Humanize It” ~ social media marketing in today’s world
  5. And I leave you with my FAVORITE moment of this week…. Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon rap through the timeline of hip-hop: